Escape from Hong Kong

Long time no update! It wasn't that we were lazy - we went to Tibet during 30-June to 14-July. We used our time for preparing to Tibet and traveling in Tibet! Luckily, we came back Hong Kong so then we can continue our Arranke!

Life becomes different after Tibet trip. We got some special energies and insights from there. Maybe landscapes or people gave us that changes. During the trip, we thought lots of things, including the directions of Arranke. After reviews and reviews, we've decided to go ahead. We'll focus more time on our business - Arranke!

Tibet is a wonderful place; Lhasa is a beautiful city! We recommend highly you to travel there, especially by train. We'll post our itineraries and photos later on. Please keep your eyes on Arranke!

Nothing Special at Saiwan: Tibet (Chinese)


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